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Lost in the Middle

Lost in the Middle

Thu, Apr 23 7pm $15

Q&A with stars Guinevere Turner (co-writer/ star of the classic Go Fish, writer of American Psycho, writers and actor on the original L Word, etc.) and Lex Vaughn, writer/ director Angie Powers, and the many local cast and crew!

Winner of Best Feature Award at Broad Humor Film Festival 2019 and a Festival Favorite at Cinema Diverse 2019!

A group of friends in their 40's come together the year after helping a friend die with dignity. They didn't do a great job at it, sure, but they did their best, each of them getting through the pain in the ways they always have: sex, drugs and social justice organizing. Now, as they convene in the small town they grew up in to scatter the ashes and say one final good-bye, they discover grief about the past and fear about the future have changed them. But maybe not enough. Can the connection that got them through high school get them through midlife?

Think The Breakfast Club thirty years later meets The Big Chill, only more queer and diverse and funny.

Shot in Sonoma County, where writer/ director Angie Powers grew up (including use of her childhood home as a major location), Lost in the Middle celebrates the hidden diversity of small-town life and the longevity of the friendships she nurtured here.

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Occidental Arts & Ecology Center presents
Thu, Apr 23
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Guinevere Turner
Lex Vaughn
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Angie Powers
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