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La Ciudad

La Ciudad

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Not all of our film choices can be uplifting or positive. Cinema has the power to make us look at the bleaker parts of our world with new eyes. That is very much the case with our next Rialto Recommends. Released in 1999 LA CIUDAD (THE CITY) tells the stories of four Hispanic immigrants living in New York City. Filmed in black and white, starring a mostly unknown cast, and spoken mostly in Spanish, this movie tests your attention span but makes perfectly clear how much these people struggling to survive. The New York Times said "THE CITY doesn't go out of its way to pull your heartstrings, but its understatement makes it all the more devastating." And Roger Ebert said "It gives faces to the faceless and is not easily forgotten." LA CIUDAD (THE CITY) is available for rent under the title THE CITY for a modest fee from Amazon, GooglePlay, YouTube and Vudu. This haunting, compassionate film will stay with you.

Film Facts
Running Time
MPAA Rating
Joseph Rigano
Mateo Gomez
Harsh Nayyar
Jose Rabello
Directed by
David Riker
Written by
David Riker
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