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Another Nice Mess:  Restored Laurel & Hardy Shorts

Another Nice Mess: Restored Laurel & Hardy Shorts

Sat, Feb 2nd 11am

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Laurel and Hardy were among the most successful and beloved comedy teams in cinema history. An Englishman, Stan Laurel traveled to America as a part of Fred Karno's troupe (in which he understudied Charlie Chaplin), while Georgia-born Oliver Hardy got his start in the booming pre-WWI Florida movie industry; the two first crossed paths in Hollywood at the Hal Roach Studios in 1921.

At first glance, the pair could not have been more mismatched - one thin and childlike onscreen, the other heavyset and haughty. They were very different off-screen as well, with Laurel a focused comedic strategist, while Hardy was more easygoing and content working in front of the camera. Perhaps it was these complementary styles that made the partnership so enduring, lasting nearly 30 years with appearances in more than 100 films together.

Join us for a matinee of shorts featuring legendary comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, all photochemically and digitally restored from the original 35mm elements!

"Helpmates" (1932, 20 min. Dir. James Parrott) Hung-over Ollie asks Stan to help him clean up after a wild party before his wife returns; their housecleaning efforts fail in spectacular fashion. Photochemically preserved and restored by the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

"Their First Mistake" (1932, 21 min. Dir. George Marshall) When his wife becomes angry about all the time he spends with Stan, Ollie adopts a baby to smooth things over.

"The Music Box" (1932, 29 min. Dir. James Parrott) In this Best Comedy Short Oscar winner, the Laurel & Hardy Moving Co. struggle mightily to push a piano up a huge flight of stairs. Photochemically preserved and restored by the UCLA Film and Television Archive

"The Battle of the Century" (1927, 19 min. Clyde Bruckman) This long-lost legendary short is known to fans as "the greatest pie fight ever filmed." Hardy insures Laurel and finds out he can make a lot of money if Laurel has an accident. In his attempts to get him to slip on a banana peel, he causes a pastry chef to slip instead. Angry, the pastry chef hurls a pie at Hardy and soon the whole block is involved in a battle where 3,000 pies are hurled. New score by Donald Sosin! Photochemically preserved and restored by the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

Courtesy of American Cinematheque & UCLA Film Archive

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