Join us for virtual first run moviegoing and support Rialto Cinemas!
A portion of each rental goes towards our operation costs until we can reopen! These are films that would be playing in theaters across the country and are unavailable on any other streaming platform. 50% or more of each ticket purchased will go to support Rialto Cinemas!
Each distributor has a different platform and we know that setting up can be a bit tricky – please bear with us if you experience technical difficulties. We hope the Frequently Asked Questions below can help you navigate this new movie-watching experience. Thank you for joining us virtually!

How does Rialto Virtual Cinema work?
Each film we offer will be available through the individual distributor's website. You can access these films from the Rialto Cinemas Virtual Cinema page, where you'll be taken to their websites to purchase and watch the film. Ticket price, rental period, and links to technical support will differ for each title and are available on the specific film page.
I purchased the film. How do I watch it?
All films are available to watch via your browser, and some may also be available on apps for streaming devices. Once you've completed the purchase, your web browser should display instructions on how to watch the film, including information on any apps available for streaming devices. A link to the specific platform's technical FAQ is available on each specific film page. Additionally, you should receive an email receipt that also contains viewing instructions. If you are still having issues, please contact the film distributor via the email receipt (tech support contact information is often at the bottom of the email).
Do I need a laptop to watch the film?
Some Virtual Cinema films are available on apps for your streaming device or digital TV such as Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, or Apple TV. Instructions for utilizing any available apps will generally be provided to you once you've paid for the film.
What if I don't have a laptop or smart TV?
Generally, if your laptop or home computer has an HDMI port, connecting to your television using an HDMI cable may also be an easy way to get an image from your computer to your TV screen.

There may also be ways to mirror your laptop or phone to your television. Because each person's home viewing setup is unique, we cannot offer support for this, but completing an internet search with what devices you have available is generally helpful.

How do I connect my iPhone or Macbook to my TV wirelessley with Apple TV?
How do I connect my iPhone or Macbook to my TV wirelessley without Apple TV?
How do I connect to my PC to my TV wirelessly?
Vimeo – how to use the Vimeo app directly on my tv to watch without using a tablet or computer?
Streaming did not work for me – can I get a refund?
All refunds are handled by the specific distributor and not Rialto Cinemas. Each distributor will be presenting the film on their platform and collecting money. If you're having trouble reaching the distributor send us an email at virtual@rialtocinemas.com and we'll be happy to help.
Can I use gift cards or passes for virtual screenings?
Unfortunately, as the distributors are paid directly we cannot support gift cards or passes for these films. You'll be able to use them when we reopen-thank you for your support!
I'm still having trouble - is there someone I can talk to?
Yes! Email us at virtual@rialtocinemas.com and we would be happy to help (we will try and answer emails within 24 hours)!