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The Grace Lee Project

The Grace Lee Project

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We are horrified and appalled by the events in Atlanta and the senseless loss of life. Our next Rialto Recommends is a documentary about the cultural identity of Asian American women. Produced and directed by Grace Lee THE GRACE LEE PROJECT is one woman's journey to find out what's in a name. When filmmaker Grace Lee discovered that her name is very common among Asian-Americans, she also found out that it carries with it a stereotype of the "good" Asian; a quiet, well-behaved hard worker. To see if this stereotype holds any water, the director travels the country interviewing other women who share her name. She discovers a wide range of women, and while some fit the image of the name, others, like a goth artist and community activist, certainly do not. THE GRACE LEE PROJECT is a clever, humorous, and personal exploration of identity, ethnic stereotypes, and the oppressive cultural expectations placed on Asian-American women. LA Weekly said "Niftily shot and edited, THE GRACE LEE PROJECT isn't just a witty unpacking of stereotype. It's also a welcome freshening of the old documentary saw that there's no such thing as an ordinary person." While Variety said "Trivial-sounding hook manages to float a funny but complex meditation on identity, ethnicity and cultural expectations that should be as accessible to teens as adults." THE GRACE LEE PROJECT is streaming on Kanopy and Ovid.
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Grace Lee
Aldo Velasco
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Grace Lee
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Grace Lee
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