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The Straight Story

The Straight Story

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Sometimes a filmmaker will make a film that seems on its surface to be the antithesis of their prior filmography. In 1999 David Lynch pulled off such a feat with the Academy Award nominated THE STRAIGHT STORY. Our next Rialto Recommends, THE STRAIGHT STORY has a deceptively simple log line: An old man makes a long journey by lawnmower to mend his relationship with an ill brother. With strong performances from Richard Farnsworth and Sissy Spacek and director David Lynch at the helm, THE STRAIGHT STORY steers past sentimental byways on its ambling journey across the American heartland. Roger Ebert raved "The screenplay by John Roach and Mary Sweeney finds poetry and truth in the exact choice of the right everyday words. Richard Farnsworth, who was 79 when he made the film, speaks the lines with perfect repose and conviction." While Entertainment Weekly said "Lynch's first movie since Blue Velvet that truly envelops you in its spell." Time Out raved "Farnsworth's easy, twinkle eyed charm is a winner all the way, but it's finally the film's deceptive simplicity and unabashed warmth that make it one of Lynch's most artistically and emotionally satisfying movies." THE STRAIGHT STORY is streaming on Disney+ or is available to rent for a modest fee from Apple, Amazon, GooglePay, YouTube, Vudu and others HERE.

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Sissy Spacek
Richard Farmsworth
Harry Dean Stanton
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David Lynch
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