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Life as a House

Life as a House

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Our next Rialto Recommends is a film that was better received by audiences than it was by critics upon its release in 2001. Directed by Irwin Winkler LIFE AS A HOUSE stars Kevin Kline, Kristin Scott Thomas, Hayden Christianson, Mary Steenburgen, and Jean Malone. LIFE AS A HOUSE tells the poignant, often humorous journey of one man who decides to tear down his house -- and winds up rebuilding the world around him. USA Today said "Kline is one of the rare major actors not afraid to look like hell. And given his character's plight, his willingness to get physically unpleasant matches the emotion he brings to the part." While the Chicago Tribune said "This movie lets you feel something. Like George's house, if not his life, it's built well and full of heart." LIFE AS A HOUSE is streaming on Hoopla or available to rent for a modest fee from Apple, Amazon, GooglePlay, YouTube, Vudu, DirectTV and others HERE.

Film Facts
Running Time
MPAA Rating
Hayden Christensen
Jena Malone
Kevin Kline
Directed by
Irwin Winkler
Written by
Mark Andrus
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