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We were sadden to learn on Thursday of the passing of Brian Dennehy and we were reminded of his starring role in 1986's F/X. Smart, twisty, and perfectly cast, the effects-assisted neo-noir F/X reminds viewers that a well-told story is the most special effect of all. Roger Ebert raved "The irony of F/X, which is a very good thriller indeed, is that it avoids the pitfall of so many thrillers; it doesn't degenerate into a mindless display of special effects." Starring Bryan Brown and Brian Dennehy, check out F/X on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and Pluto here. Though the film was only a modest hit in theatres when it was released in early 1986, the film developed a cult following when it began airing on the cable movie networks later that year. It became such a hit that a lesser sequel was done in 1991.
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