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Down in the Delta

Down in the Delta

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Our next Rialto Recommends was originally made for the Showtime network but received a theatrical release prior to making its debut on the Showtime network. Directed by Maya Angelou in her feature film directing debut, 1998's DOWN IN THE DELTA stars Alfre Woodard and includes a supporting cast that includes Mary Alice, Loretta Devine, and Wesley Snipes. Woodard plays a troubled Chicago woman who on the instance of her mother moves do her family's ancestral home on the Mississippi Delta to spend the summer with her brother-in-law Earl played by Al Freeman, Jr. The San Francisco Chronicle said "Not much action happens in "Down in the Delta," the directorial debut of poet-writer Maya Angelou. Yet everything happens for the fascinating main character Loretta, played by Alfre Woodard in a beautifully layered performance that moves from hard-knocks desperation to a sense of serenity. "Down in the Delta" is a joyful film -- and hopefully one that will not slip away unnoticed." And Roger Ebert said "Year after year in film after film I've seen Alfre Woodard at work. She is on that very short list of people who rarely seem to appear in anything unworthy." Check out DOWN IN THE DELTA streaming now on Hulu and the Criterion Channel or available to rent for a modest fee from Amazon, YouTube, GooglePlay, Apple and Vudu HERE.

Film Facts
Running Time
MPAA Rating
Alfre Woodard
Al Freeman Jr.
Esther Rolle
Mary Alice
Loretta Devine
Wesley Snipes
Directed by
Maya Angelou
Written by
Myron Goble
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