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Several months back in our Rialto Recommends we featured Pamela Gray's film A Walk On The Moon. Today our Rialto Recommends is another film that was written by Pamela Gray and again directed by Tony Goldwyn, 2010's CONVICTION. When her older brother Kenny (Sam Rockwell) is convicted of murder and sentenced to life in 1983, Betty Anne Waters (Hilary Swank) vows to get the conviction overturned. Beginning an 18-year quest to exonerate Kenny, Betty Anne puts herself through college and law school. With the help of her best friend (Minnie Driver), Betty Anne pores over piles of suspicious evidence and retraces the steps that led to Kenny's arrest in the hope of finally winning her brother's freedom. Roger Ebert said "The story generates that kind of urgency we feel when a character is obviously right and is up against stupidity and meanness. It delivers." While the Observer said "Filled with nuance, intricate emotion and a refreshing absence of melodramatics, CONVICTION is a moving exploration of light and love shining through the darkness of despair. Its impact cannot easily be shaken." CONVICTION is available to rent for a modest fee from RedBox, Apple, Amazon, GooglePlay, YouTube, Vudu and others HERE.

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Hilary Swank
Sam Rockwell
Minnie Driver
Melissa Leo
Directed by
Tony Goldwyn
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