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The Colour of Paradise

The Colour of Paradise

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Our next Rialto Recommends takes us back to the spring of 2000 when this beautiful Iranian film came out in theatres. THE COLOR OF PARADISE wowed audiences across the country. Director Majid Majidi, whose Bacheha-Ye Aseman/Children Of Heaven was the first Iranian film to be nominated for an American Academy Award, returns with another compassionate story of children in need. Mohammad (Moshen Ramezani) is a student at a special school for blind children in Tehran; when summer break rolls around, Mohammad is the last student to be picked up by his family. His mother is dead, and his father (Hossein Mahjub), who earns a meagre wage working in a charcoal producing plant, sometimes considers abandoning the boy. However, father does eventually arrive, and Mohammad spends the summer with his sisters and grandmother at a farm surrounding by dazzling fields of wild flowers. The summer in the country is a joyous experience for Mohammad, until he discovers his father is giving thoughts to re-marrying, and considers his handicapped son to be a stumbling block in his future matrimonial plans. The San Francisco Chronicle raved "This is a transcendent film, deeply committed and beautifully wrought. It will make anyone who sees it look at the world with new eyes." THE COLOR OF PARADISE is available for a modest rental fee on Vudu HERE.

Film Facts
Running Time
MPAA Rating
Mohsen Ramezani
Hossein Mahjoub
Salameh Feyzi
Farahnaz Safari
Directed by
Majid Majidi
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