news Week of Juy 24 - July 30

Week of Juy 24 - July 30

Greetings from Rialto Cinemas Elmwood!

The fantastic A Borrowed Identity opens here this week. Eyad, a gifted Palestinian Israeli boy, is given the chance to go to a prestigious Jewish boarding school in Jerusalem. As he desperately tries to fit in with his Jewish schoolmates and within Israeli society, Eyad discovers that he will have to sacrifice his identity in order to be accepted. Faced with that choice, he will have to change his life forever. Reviews for the film are stellar! Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times says, "'Borrowed Identity' starts out nice and easy but don't be fooled. This is a soft-seeming film about a hard-edged, difficult subject, an Israeli film that offers a picture from life's other side." Read his complete review here.

We are proud to open the heartbreaking 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets here this week. In 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets, two lives intersected and were forever altered. On Black Friday 2012, two cars parked next to each other at a Florida gas station. A white middle-aged male and a black teenager exchanged angry words over the volume of the music in the boy's car. A gun entered the exchange, and one of them was left dead. The film follows the long journey of unraveling the truth. In his AV Club review Adam Nayman says, "The film on the whole feels restrained considering the scope of the rage and sadness in play." Read the complete review here.

Do you know the theme to the "Lone Ranger" TV show? It is also the overture to this week's opera, Guillaume Tell! In this the final opera from Rossini we have the famous scene of the father shooting the apple off his son's head. Besides those two famous facts this is an opera about liberty. However, this presentation is controversial; read this article from the New York Times and note this disclaimer: contains a scene of sexual violence and brief nudity in Act III that is not suitable for younger viewers. Tickets for all our special events are here.

The ultimate presentation in our Spring National Theatre Live line up is Everyman! starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, join us to see Everyman this Tuesday or Thursday. One of the great primal, spiritual myths, Everyman asks whether it is only in death that we can understand our lives. A cornerstone of English drama since the 15th century, it now explodes onto the stage in a startling production with words by Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate, and movement by Javier De Frutos. The New York Times says, "the National Theater's, well, soul-stirring production of 'Everyman,' the medieval morality play that has been refashioned to reflect the life and times in which we live." Tickets are available here.

Were you also addicted to "Serial" the podcast about a murder? If you were you will love Cast Party: Podcast Festival! Featuring the people that make Radiolab, Invisibilia, Reply All, Lauren Lapkus and The Truth as well as bands, a dance team, special guests and videos! If you haven't yet connected to the world of podcasts this would be a great introduction! Podcasts like Radiolab and Invisibilia are also radio programs - but as podcasts you can listen to them when and where you want. Come check out the whole scene, this is going to be great! Tickets are here.

We're thrilled with director Ken Loach's newest film Jimmy's Hall! In 1921 Jimmy Gralton's sin was to build a dance hall on a rural crossroads in an Ireland on the brink of Civil War. The Pearse-Connolly Hall was a place where young people could come to learn, to argue, to dream...but above all to dance and have fun. As the hall grew in popularity its socialist and free-spirited reputation brought it to the attention of the church and politicians who forced Jimmy to flee and the hall to close. Ann Hornaday, writing in the Washington Post says, "In many ways, 'Jimmy's Hall' shows what the pursuit of happiness can look like, and why it's worth a revolution to protect it." Read the complete review here.

Magic Mike XXL continues to rock the house with his moves and his contours.

We look forward to seeing you at Rialto Cinemas Elmwood - Berkeley's Best Neighborhood Movie Theatre!

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